Radio Broadcasts

The Matthew Maclennan Scottish Dance band had their debut on BBC Radio Scotland on the long running show “Take the Floor”  in 2009 and have been broadcasting regularly ever since.  Matthew has also performed with other bands in this show notably Nicky McMichan, Martainn Skene and Jim Mackay

Matthew has also performed on local radio around the country.

Scottish Country Dancing

Matthew has extensive experince playing for Scottish Country Dancing, having provided dance music for many years for Scottish Country Dance groups all over the UK.

Matthew has played for dance classes, dancing demonstration groups and also for dance rallys.

Country dancing is another aspect of traditional music that is good to play for as it is a great way for expanding a musician’s repertoire.

Matthew and his band playing at the RSCDS AGM, Bells Sports Centre Perth.

Accordion and Fiddle Clubs

Matthew and his band have played at many Accordion and Fiddle Clubs. These are clubs for all types of traditional music players to come along and play for an appreciative audience. It is generally centered around the Scottish Dance Band style of traditional music however all are welcomed.

The Accordion and Fiddle Clubs are for the encouragement of traditional music and are a brilliant platform for young players to gain performance experience and improve in confidence.

Every club has a guest band feature each month during the season to entertain the audience.

For a full list of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs and to find out when they are on, please visit